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2010 21-track collection from the German pop star. EMI.

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Judaism is better when women are heard.

What We Do

Chochmat Nashim is a passionate social movement fighting damaging trends in Jewish society and creating a healthier community – one where women are seen and heard.

When women are not seen, their voices are not heard and their needs are not met.

We’re working towards positive change:

Building community

Taking our seat at the table

Supporting women in policy making

The Seal of Respect Network

Our list of businesses & institutions guarantee women's visibility. Does yours? Get your seal!
Want to know who else respects women? See our list!

What are the issues?


The Jewish community is sliding towards extremism -- and it's unhealthy for all of us. We can work together to maintain a moderate, healthy frum society.


Much of the pain involved in Jewish divorce isn't caused by Halacha, but on norms we can change. Chochmat Nashim breaks down the issues and offers ways the community can protect itself.

Breast Cancer

When we don't discuss women's health, cultural factors create a reality where awareness of disease is low and deaths higher. We work to change that.

Erasing Women

What began in the most insular communities is now commonplace. Erasing women causes financial, health, and emotional damage to women. Help put women back in the picture.

Our Latest

Here's where you'll find us

In The Media

The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, The Forward, The Jewish Chronicle, Maariv, and more.

On Our Podcasts

Prefer to listen? Choose a topic, or binge listen for in‑depth discussions on current events and topics in Judaism and Israel. Hosted on Jewish Coffee

Chochmat Nashim Live

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